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msl own and operate Gadens National Mortgage Services Queensland, which is Australia's only true national mortgage documentation company and our Queensland office is a key part of the largest private security and settlement firm in Australia.

We believe it is fundamental to proper delivery of mortgage services to provide a uniform national solution and local representation. Your customers need to be able to come into our office for on the spot service and solutions. There are simply too many unique local requirements to risk long-range service and documentation. Have your exposure managed by people who know the local market and the applicable laws.

In any event, you have the right to demand speed, accuracy and service – and this is what Gadens NMS Queensland provides.

What type of transactions can Gadens NMS Queensland handle for you?

Gadens NMS Queensland does much more than document residential and commercial loans. The same commitment to national coverage with local support is provided for the life of the mortgage for residential and commercial loans, including:

• Tracking loans from the application stage
• Documenting & settling loans
• Variations, postponements, subdivisions etc
• Defaults
• Discharges

The bulk of what we do is not confined to producing documents; it is more about dealing with and helping your customers. This requires a specialised, local and committed team. Our team enjoys a strong reputation and an “A” class relationship with some of our State’s leading lenders, mortgage managers, broker groups and individual finance businesses.

Our can-do attitude is legendary, with a stunning 99.8% delivery of retail loan documentation within 24 hours for several of our largest clients throughout several of the busiest months. We assist our clients with our helpful and focused seminars and involvement in lender training for all levels of brokers and business development.

Streamlined solutions
We bring expert knowledge and many years of experience to streamlining procedures - without increasing risk. That's where Gadens NMS Queensland is poles apart from any competitor.

Super discharges - want to know more?
Gadens NMS Queensland just doesn't discharge a mortgage; it's a super discharge!
On settlement, we observe what actually happens.... did your customer really sell, or was the loan churned? Gadens NMS Queensland website provides details of cheques received on settlement. We can also easily provide customised reports to you.

In fact, the discharge customer may have other loans with you or may be thinking of borrowing again. Therefore it is vital that the discharge process is just as customer friendly as the lending process. We guarantee no call centres, and no delays - just service. Remove the whole discharge process from your business and save you the annoyance, inefficiency and unnecessary costs. We will provide the borrower with pay-out figures, regularly update them and report to you electronically.

Faster refinances
You can download discharge authorities for major lenders and a generic discharge authority from If you can provide a signed discharge authority, we can save valuable days in settling refinances.

Whether you're a lender, aggregator, sub-originator or loan writer, we can give you a single portal Australia-wide to access all your loans.For further information, please contact our banking and finance team.

Our team is experienced in providing legal advice on various finance services matters, including compliance issues for credit providers and brokers in light of new ASIC regulations; default and recovery proceedings in relation to debt and finance agreements; contractual obligations on borrowers (individual, company, trusts) and guarantors in relation to loan and transaction documents; project and structured funding arrangements; general regulation and compliance and due diligence.

Our banking and finance lawyers are:

As a widely recognised industry leader, msl acts for many of the country's leading financial institutions, including ING Direct (Retail and Wholesale), BankWest, Homeside Lending (a division of NAB), Aussie Home Loans, Adelaide and Bendigo Bank, Macquarie Bank and MECU.

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