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Past Seminar Notes

msl hosts a variety of regular events at our Brisbane and Gold Coast offices on all ares of law. In addition, we also regularly present at networking and industry events across Australia.

For past seminar notes please select the topic of interest below, If you cannot immediately locate the seminar notes you require please contact our marketing team and we will email you directly with the content you require.



Workplace Law
Harmonisation of OHS
November 2011
Performance Management Issues
September 2011
July 2011
Employee Personal Liability
June 2011
Personal Liability for Managers and Officers
May 2011
Changes to Fair Work Act and Other Effect on Your Business
March 2011
Issues in Recruitment and Initial Interviews
January 2011
Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace
November 2010
Performance Management Issues
October 2010
Cofidentiality Clauses & Restraint of Trade
September 2010
Migration & Employment
August 2010
Recruitment Update
July 2010
Update - Workers Compensation Claim
June 2010
Public Risk Insurance - Processes and Pitfalls
May 2010
Occupational Health & Safety Update
April 2010
Telling the Difference Between Employees & Contractors in QLD
March 2010
Termination, Unfair Dismissal & Adverse Action - What you Need to Know
February 2010
How The New Employment Laws Will Affect you in 2010
January 2010
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property & the Internet
October 2010
Identification & Protection of Intellectual Property
April 2010
Borrowing by Self Managed Super Funds
Investing in Real Estate in Australia for Foreign Investors